The Crawford County Land Bank is pleased to announce that we currently have ownership of the following properties in Crawford County.

Demolition will begin in August!

904 Faustina Ave, Bucyrus
115 Fisher St, Bucyrus
333 Water Street, Bucyrus
407 (409) Sheckler St, Bucyrus
248 (254) South St, Galion
356 Oak St, Galion
407 Fairview Ave, Galion
411 S Boston St, Galion
867 E Walnut St, Galion
1265 Harding Way East, Galion
219 E North St, Crestline
416 E Bucyrus St, Crestline
101 (103) E Hilborn St, Tiro
110 N Robinson St, Tiro
109 S Robinson St, Tiro
212 N Main St, Tiro

Demolition later in 2017

700 (702) (704) Rogers St, Bucyrus
1023 Winchester Ave, Bucyrus
933 Reid St, Bucyrus
223 W Charles St, Bucyrus
507 W Charles St, Bucyrus
321 E Warren St, Bucyrus
123 (Rear) Franklin St, Bucyrus
133 Franklin St, Bucyrus
891 Harding Way East, Galion
217 (219) E Walnut St, Galion
391 W Atwood St, Galion
418 S Union St, Galion
415 South St, Crestline

In addition to those listed above, there are several other properties that are in the works and should be coming into the fold soon.  We’ll add them to the list after we have taken ownership.

If you are a home-owner adjacent to the properties scheduled to be rehabilitated by the Land Bank you may be eligible to purchase (for a very nominal fee) the lot.  For more information you are welcome to stop by the County Treasurer’s office, call, or fill out and send in the form available here.  (Go to our Home Page, click on the tab More Information and then click on CCLRC-Lot-application.)