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2019 Annual Financial Report

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The Phoenix Project - By Crawford County Land Reutilization Corporation

We have set aside funds and will be taking written applications from any City, Village and/or Township in Crawford County for the demolition and reutilization of vacant and blighted properties.
Proposals for each property should include justification for the project, a plan for reutilization of the property after demolition, potential end user, and interior/exterior photos. 
The City, Village and/or Township will be responsible for contact with the property owner to facilitate the donation of the property to the Land Bank.  Land Bank must be able to take ownership no later than January 1, 2021.
If no end user is identified or fails to take ownership after project is complete, the municipality will be deeded the property.
For each suggested project, the total cost for inspections, abatements, demolition and greening must be less than $25,000.  Overages may be the responsibility of the municipality.
Applications may be mailed to 112 E. Mansfield St., Suite 207, Bucyrus OH 44820, emailed to or hand delivered to Crawford County Treasurer’s Office.
Deadline for submission of proposals is November 1, 2020. 
Projects awarded will notified by December 1, 2020 and begin Spring of 2021.
The Land Bank Board of Directors will review each recommendation and select proposals based on criteria met, feasibility, and allignment with the mission statement of the Land Bank.   The Land Bank retains the right to refuse any application that does not meet the conditions.  We anticipate funding eight projects. 
Questions may be directed to Barb McCullough at 419-563-1841.



We are pleased to make this web site available to you in order to share important information regarding the structure and work of the Crawford County Land Reutilization Corporation (CCLRC), which may be better known as the Crawford County Land Bank. On December 4, 2015, this land bank was officially incorporated as a non-profit entity and since that date, has been approved as a 501(C)(3) organization.

The Crawford County Land Bank has been formed according to the laws of Ohio, particularly chapters 1724 and 5722 of the Ohio Revised Code. The five-member Land Bank board consists of three statutory members, including the County Treasurer and two County Commissioners. A representative of the largest city in the County is the fourth member and the fifth member was chosen by the three statutory members. After organization, the Board established policies and procedures, selected legal counsel and made other organizational decisions.

In general, our County Land Bank will be working to help return vacant, low value properties to productive use. This involves acquiring properties and sometimes managing the demolition of unwanted, blighted residential structures. The land bank will not seek to hold properties for extended periods of time but can transfer land to interested and eligible landowners.

Currently, the Crawford County Land Bank is working to acquire blighted, vacant homes that have been recommended for demolition, using funding provided by a grant from the State of Ohio. We need to have 35 vacant homes in our possession by May 18, 2017 in order to continue to qualify for the full amount of the grant funding. We can receive properties by the Tax Foreclosure process and donations. At this time, it would be beneficial if any property owner would like to donate an unwanted, low value residential property to the land bank for demolition. Please contact Barb McCullough, manager at 419-562-7861 or send a message for further information.


The Crawford County Land Bank is acquiring blighted, vacant homes and returning those properties back to productive use and stabilizing the neighborhoods of our county.